Thursday, October 2, 2008

Perfume Samples

I love the cover of this months Vogue magazine - the blue background is striking against the red jumpsuit ... but what I loved finding inside is one of those little cardboard samples of Chanel no5.

It isn't the perfume that I got excited about - it was the way that it was packaged in a little envelope. Cute! It has been ages since I have looked at perfume counters - I have a shelf full of them - all representing a different stage in my life - and none of them finished. The only one I don't have is the Red Door Kirk gave me for a birthday that smashed on the bathroom floor in the little unit we were living in at the time. The place smelt beautiful forever after that - made up for the very ugly tiles!
When I used to go shopping in my teens with friends I loved feeling grown up trying all the samples. Now, life seems even too busy to take a sample from someone handing them out. I am going to pop todays one into my hot pink Pratten purse and my notes will smell lovely - just like I used to - 20 years ago!

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