Thursday, July 28, 2011

365 days grateful, Mia Freedman and more

When I was working on Sunday nights in a cold warehouse packing boxes ready for Australia Post, I would tune in to Open House on Hope103.2. I loved the interviews and I loved the style of the show, it made the time go quickly and less focussed on not being at home on a Sunday night!

I hadn't tuned in for a while but did again recently. The interview was with Hailey Bartholomew, one half of the  authors of 365 grateful blog. Hearing how the blog started as a way for her to focus on the positives in her life resonated with me. I love how Hailey tries to focus on the here and now and not looking to tomorrow. 

Leigh Hatcher is the host of Open House (think channel seven and sky news reporter). This Sunday he is interviewing Mia Freedman on cyber bullying. I am really looking forward to hearing her thoughts on it, but will enjoy the here and now first ;)

Beautiful Winter days. One of the zillions of things I am grateful for :)

Blog Lovin'

I can't remember how I came across The Design Files. It may have been via Belinda Graham's blog, The Happy Home. Who ever it was, I thank you :)

Each day my inbox is filled with visual delights such as today's interview with Jane Hall (yes, actor Jane Hall). Her home is delightful as is her blog, Salvation Jane

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mozi working with the Salvation Army

Mozi has always been one of my very favourite brands.
This is a fabulous initiative.

See Olivia's home in the current issue of Real Living Magazine

(image courtesy of Mozi)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I heart these (a lot!)

(image via

Monday, July 25, 2011

Some ideas for staying in control of the mess at home ..

(real photo taken 20 minutes after I tidied our sunroom)
On Facebook over the weekend I asked the question of what is your best tip for maintaining a tidy home. I find Sunday evenings exhausting trying to tidy up after the weekend.

Here is some of the advice I received ...

Donate /recycle / re-gift

Be organised

Teach girls to put things away and unfortunatly be a nagger to make them do it!!!

Invest in a cleaner! I get mine done fortnightly and works out to be about $40 a week. Best money I spend in a week.

Recycle toys often! and get the kid to pop their own washing away

Lower your standards - aim for safe

Ride it out until your children leave home

Don't look at it on the weekend, knowing Monday is coming and it can all be tidy again then (at least for 6 hours while they are at school.) There will come a time very soon when they have all left home and we will wish for the mess back again. So just enjoy it with them

I made the rule that they only play with one set of toys at a time and must get packed away before the nex comes out. Also we do 15 mins speed clean every night and I judge the most improved room. I had to model and help when they were younger. However we are often still in a mess!!

A friend once told me the OHIO method - Only Handle It Once.

Imagine the tidy house and the lack of what creates the mess and then thank God daily for the gift of the mess generators! Read that once in a reflection and it's now my messy house blessing - may it be yours also :-)

*Have you got a magic wand tip that you can share? (pretty please!)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Magazine Cover Love ...

There is something about a sea of magazine covers that I love. 

I was particularly taken with this months's House and Garden. The way that it peeps into the home, the outside in rather than inside out. I love the idea of French accents. Lavender ... And the Chelsea Flower Show was mentioned. That is an instant must - read tag line for me.

One of my goals before I turn forty is to learn to speak French. I have five years ... and then I will have to treat myself to a trip ;) 

Saturday, July 23, 2011


One of the things that brought me great pleasure whilst running an online store was the very difficult task of trying out new products ;)

A box of T2 was often used in our giftboxes, both for personal gifts and corporate. I loved the orange box, but loved what was inside even more. During the week I visited the Bondi Junction store. I could smell the tea from miles away and I had no choice, I just *had* to follow my nose. 

The. Best. Tea.

You can buy from t2 direct here:


The rain in Sydney over the past week has been remarkable. There are muddy puddles in my lawn which I can't recall happening ever during Winter. To escape the confines of home we headed over to Mosman to enjoy any rays of sun that we could. Whilst there we popped into one of my favourite stores, Bonza Brats. We roamed around the Allan Border oval and swung on the swings in the park. Perfection!