Saturday, February 13, 2010

The toy that is too popular!

I have witnessed the popularity of this toy first hand with my son. Each Sunday he took another boy's black model out from under his eyes with all the charm othat a 12mth old can muster. I managed to track one down for him in a store on the way to Melbourne in December. The joy on his face and the shriek was unmistakeable recognition of 'his' racing car.

We are so pleased to be able to offer these to our customers. Like everything by Brio they are very well constructed, perfectly sized at approx 14cm.

These will run out fast! Click here

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Gourmet Getaway designs ...

Fresh in the store are some new designs from Built & French Bull - Gourmet Getaway is the perfect name for these fabulous and handy bags.

Super soft and made from thick neoprene (the material of wetsuits), they are perfect for lunch for one or two people (maybe more if they are little people!)

They measure 30cm x 30cm and definitely have the wow factor when unwrapped! Large enough for a couple of rolls and fruit and waterproof so perfect for the beach, park or work. Treat yourself and use your imagination for some gourmet getaway type food or if you have a limited imagination when it comes to roll fillings, at least the bags will help you get away with it!

Click here to see the whole range, including a HOT PINK version ... mmm... which one ...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I can't claim the credit for finding this gorgeous Australian brand. I wish I could claim the name - the word oopsie does something cute to your voice as you say it. I was more than curious when I was recommended it via our Facebook fan page from one of our Melbourne customers (to find us btw on facebook click here)

The bags and bottle holders are not only made from the cutest fabric (love that it is unique to them & not going to be seen on everything and anything) but are perfect in sizing and style.

With plenty of weeks of Summer left, we Australian mums really need help in keeping milk and sandwiches from going off or soggy.

I LOVE that the Oopsie range makes a great gift for a new mum, kiddie or a 50 year old! I think my aunty in Pukekohe, NZ would probably love the scooter print :)

Oopsie's range is delightful! Click here to view

If you know a range of products that you think our customers would love, please email me directly at mumfav(@) so you don't get caught up in spam!
Jen x

Monday, February 8, 2010


I hope you are having a Happy New Year!

It has been quite a couple of months around here. Really looking forward to lots of product reviews, revealing of new ranges and interviews. Not to mention pretty pretty pictures!

This weekend is Valentine's Day. It is my 15th with Kirk ... he proposed 2 days before Valentine's Day which shows that he is really not a Valentine's Day person! I like doing some fun things with the kids and have a few red and white decorations around the house to celebrate.

We plan to have friends over for a picnic on Sunday (could be weather dependent!). I am thinking of noodle boxes for the kids with little sandwiches, a cupcake, fruit and a popper. The adults will be a little more ambitious! I am hoping Milly (who turned 4 in January) will decorate the boxes for me this week.

We have been selling these pillowslips for ages. They don't lose their appeal. These canphone pillowslips are adorable. Perfect for couples apart relying on the phone to stay in contact!!

At Mummy's Favourite, we send any purchase under 500g via express post - plenty of time to get a pair on your bed this weekend!
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