Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Forgotten Hands!

Lying in bed last night reading my book - The Forgotten Garden, I was rudely interrupted by my husband who interrupted me by saying "Jen - LOOK AT YOUR HANDS!" My immediate thoughts were that I hadn't washed off the blue paint I had been using with the kids, the playdough or that there was some kind of rash, but no, none of the above were obvious. But yes, they were dry & according to him looked old. They probably do. I have been with Kirk since I was 18 (engaged at 19 - pic taken day of engagement). I reminded him that I had teenage hands when we met, not a working mums hands! I perish to think about how many times my hands end up in water each day, add to this the gas heating, car air conditioning, peeling too many potatoes & cold hand syndrome hanging out the washing. And yes, I have been neglecting them of late.

So, I found a pair of cotton gloves that I had stashed in the cupboard ready for such a moment, lathered my hands inch thick in Be Genki hand cream, popped my gloves on (scary sight & felt very creepy!) and wo-la, woke up this morning with 32 year old hands. Not 18, but not 98 either!

The Forgotten Garden

I tend to read myself to sleep at night. I find that it is a good way to let go of the thoughts of the day. I have a few books next to my bed. I was juggling a few at a time until I came across The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. Only managing a few pages a night is frustrating me no end!

On sunny winter days I am so tempted to escape to the recliner in the garden to get a few more pages in. Maybe this weekend ...
I finished The Shifting Fog by the same author only last month and this one is proving just as engrossing. Set between eras - 1900s London & Cornwall to Brisbane in the 1990s the author moves between characters and eras smoothly. It is the story of a woman who as a child ended up in Australia with no one. It tells her story as well as her grand daughters as she re traces her grandmothers life.

My favourite quote so far (only 1/2 of the way through the book) is "Her past was like a Russian doll, question inside question inside question."
The other books next to my bed are: Rosehips and Crabapples by Susan Irvine - a Tasmanian garden owners diary, my bible and the latest Harry Potter book (can't get the primary teacher out of me). The last book I put down after the first chapter. I was scared to bits with descriptions of giant snakes hanging from the ceiling eating humans who weren't Voldermorts followers.
The only problem with reading a book quickly is that the story comes to an end. I will need to look out for another to take its place as I am determined to sit in the sun this weekend!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Birthday Gifts

I love wrapping or boxing beautiful gifts on someone else's behalf. I especially love writing the accompanying note on our gorgeous custom stationery. The Mummy's Favourite customer is a delight to work with! It is fun imagining the joy on someone's face when the postman knocks on the door with a cardboard box or satchel and the surprised recipient opens it up to find a thoughtful and lovely gift!

Today I sent a birthday gift to my new sister in law. Being Melbourne & winter I thought a hot water bottle, Be Genki Tranquility Bath Oil and a box of T2 tea was the perfect gift. My only problem was that I was not as organised as most & had to send it express to get there on time!

Some of the other gifts sent today include the cuddly Flatout Bear, Glasshouse candles, Gertie and Me Beanies ... The Mummy's Favourite customer is not just delightful - they also have great taste!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our graphics

I often get asked where the inspiration comes from for any graphic work that we undertake, logos, website etc. Like most people, it is from the world in which we live. I am a more keen than a green thumb gardener and simply love blossoms. The way that a tree can be stark naked during winter and then produce these amazingly beautiful flowers is truly quite incredible. I plant as many trees as my block will allow (or not!) and quite a few of these are blossoms. The latest one is a donut shaped peach tree. The fruit looks bizaare in the picture - I can't wait for its first crop!

The wren, which we have adapted to be red as blue didn't look quite as appealing, is my cheeky friend from our first home who followed me around the garden & always seemed to appear when I needed company. He would sometimes sit and watch me doing the dishes on the windowsill until his lady friends appeared & I would watch the way he would show off in front of them all!

So there you go. The story behind the Mummy's Favourite images & I am so pleased that our little red wren has appeared in this blog header and in some of our latest stationery lines! (and a big thanks to my AMAZING graphic designer!)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Decorating the Nursery

We are expecting our 3rd baby in 11.5 weeks (although Thomas was 10 days overdue & Milly was 9 days!) and it looks like I will have a blank nursery to work on next weekend. I can't wait! Perfect timing because I will be able to decorate with the new Little Chipipi wall stickers that should arrive in store over the next week or so.

I was stoked when I saw Sam's latest designs as, like the butterfly range they are cheery, use lovely colours and are friendly. I love birds and come from a sailing family - so either way we are set!
Only problem is that no one other than Kirk & I know the sex of this baby so the door will have to be locked somehow.... Any ideas on how to do this with a 5 year old, 2 year old & curious relatives!!!! ...