Tuesday, October 27, 2009

twenty ten is the year to be organised!

I am an organised person or maybe a routine person. A friend commented to me yesterday, "you like your routine don't you!". I have survived a lot from memory though with dates which is starting to become hard with 5 people in the family. I missed Milly's pre school orientation and went to reading groups on the wrong day in this past week. I think I need to start keeping a more thorough personal diary!

Here is a more up close and personal look at the OTI diary for twentyten :)

There is a cute pocket in the front to pop in receipts, notes, recipes, business cards ...

I love the post it notes inside the back cover ...

Page view - one week to an opening with lots of room for activites, exercise plan, meal plan, to do column and people to contact section...

Medical page ...

Going away plans (love this!)

Goals for twentyten ... ooh what will mine be?!

And the professional shot

I love the grey print, the smooth, soft but hard cover with cute illustrations (wipeable!)

and the yearly planners

and the entertaining page

public holiday notes & school holidays...

and that $2 from every one sold goes to the Australian Childhood Foundation

They are a bit larger than half an A4 and about 1cm deep. Not too heavy and so well laid out. The font is just the right size. I like the idea of popping the ribbon onto the next week, placing the elastic around it and thinking "organised!"

Click here to find them! $36

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