Monday, March 19, 2012

[GIVEAWAY] My obsession with Baker's Delight!

When I received an email from the marketing department of Baker's Delight asking me to review their Hot Cross Buns, my first thought was that either my husband or a friend had sent me a joke. I am a BIG fan of Baker's Delight bread and tell anyone who will listen how grateful I am for the difference I believe it has made to my daughters behaviour since she has made the switch to it.

When the major supermarkets introduced their $1 bread last year I shivered. It is so tempting to want to save money with the purchase of a cheaper loaf ... especially when you have four hungry children to feed. However, having a more settled, calmer and more focused child is worth EVERY. SINGLE. CENT.

After much research, mainly through a book called Fed Up by Sue Dengate discovered that the preservative 280 (an anti-mould preservative - man made additive) commonly causes inattentive, unsettled children. Since the major bread companies have withdrawn it from their mix, they have increased the sugar and vinegar in their mixes.

Yes, I warned you I could talk about Baker's Delight forever!

But this post is not about their bread (or their pizza bases which I LOVE and use every weekend) or their wholemeal Vegemite scrolls which are super handy for outings, but one of my favourites - their hot cross buns. In my opinion, they can't sell them soon enough every calendar year.

Last Saturday morning I headed by invitation to one of my local stores. David Ralph owns three Bakers Delight stores; Norwest, Baulkham Hills and Carlingford. He is an intelligent, friendly man who LOVES what he does. His passion for his product is evident in the way he talks about the process of the dough from flour to the end result on the shelf. His staff are friendly and fun loving and his stores have the same buzz that you see in their tv commercials :)

Some facts about Baker's Delights hot cross buns ...

• They are made fresh in the bakery every day. On the Thursday before Good Friday each store can make close to a 1000. Wow! Thank goodness they don't have to knead by hand :)
• They don’t use frozen or readymade dough - all the ingredients go in one by one.
• Because they’re so fresh, they’re always soft.
• Hot cross buns are available in traditional, fruitless, mocha and choc chip.

How do you eat your hot cross buns? The hubby, the kids and I love them fresh from the bakery, just the way they are. If I am feeling a little naughty I will add some butter. My parents love theirs heated in the oven with butter. We are traditional hot cross bun lovers. With fruit. 
50% of the bun is fruit and the fruit isn't squishy or broken up. The fruit is sweet but not too sweet. I have friends who can't go past the mocha and choc chip but I am a traditional kind of girl.

This Saturday, the 24th of March is ‘Bundraiser’ Day. It will see all 614 Bakers Delight bakeries across Australia donate $1 from every six-pack of hot cross buns sold to hospitals across the country. They are aiming to surpass the $104,000 fundraising target set last year. 
That money will make a significant difference to sick children this Easter. Love that :)

Here is a list of hospitals set to benefit from Bakers Delight’s fundraising efforts:
• Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation (NSW)
• Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal (VIC)
• Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation (QLD)
• Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation (WA)
• Women and Children’s Hospital Foundation (SA)
• Royal Hobart Hospital (TAS)
• Canberra Hospital Foundation (ACT)
• John Hunter Children’s Hospital (NEWC)
• Starship Foundation (NZ)

Another reason to head back there this Saturday! We are planning to have some for afternoon tea with friends together with a mug of Campos coffee or T2 tea.

To win a $10 voucher for you to enjoy your own packet of hot cross buns and a few dollars to spare ... comment on this blog telling me what your favourite Bakers Delight product is and why. We will pop all of your responses in a box and draw one this Friday, 23rd March at 12pm AEST. I have 3 to give away. Good luck! (Australian residents only)

PS. I discovered that you can ask them for a print out of the ingredients of any of their products at the till. Suits a fussy mum like me :)


Jess said...

I LOVE their traditional hot cross buns and buy them every Easter- they taste so much nicer than the ones made at the supermarket. So good heated with melted butter! Yum!

chellebubs said...

I LOVE Bakers Delight choc-chip Hot Cross buns. Even a month before they were made again this year I was asking my husband on a daily basis to stop at the local Bakers Delight to see if they had arrived yet (my last trimester pregnancy craving). Now my bub is five weeks old and hoorah! choc-chip hot cross buns are in and I have been enjoying them for sometime now. I have one everyday with a cup of tea..shhhh ;-)

SueP said...

Bakers Delight's hot cross buns are my all-time favourite, especially the traditional fruit ones. I can only wish that they bake this all year round!We used to stock up a lot in the freezer before the end of Easter. Not only do we reheat them in the oven to have fresh Hot Cross Buns, but we also slice them thinly and baked them into what we call "Hot Cross Buns Biscotti".=) They are an absolute delight! Crunchy and crispy with intense flavour! The Bakers Delight at our local area closed down due to renovation. But that does not stop us from buying their delicacies even if we have to get them from somewhere else. I'm definitely going to stock up tomorrow to support Bundraiser Day! Already planning on buying some to bless my colleagues on the way to work! Thanks for your post!

linnea said...

I admit, I have a new favorite at Bakers Delight, the Mocca Hot Cross Bun. I can only say OMG!! Its like a symphony in your mouth :D Just absolutely beautiful!!
I can even drive a 15 minute detour on my way home just to get there and have one for my afternoon coffee. Brilliant idea I say, combining my three favs, bread, coffee and chocolate :D Who can pass on that?


Rohani Kamso said...

I love the cheesymite scrolls, they are delicious, Vegemite, cheese and bread, does it get any better. Great for a snack or for a quick and easy lunch.

Debra Cheadle said...


Fawn said...

I simply love gettig their bread first thing i the morning when its still warm from the oven.
The smell of freash bread always reminds me of my Dad who used to bake a loaf of bread every morning.

Larissa said...

I love their cheese and pineapple rolls, and the berry latices...mmm...such a good lunch (and decently priced too!!)

AnitaS said...

I absolutely love their spinach and fetta scrolls which i used to buy from another big bakery but am a convert, bakers delight have soooo much more filling which = soooo much more flavour....YUM!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cheese and chives scones are my favorite. They are absolutely delicious spread with butter (not margarine) and even better shared with a special friend on a cold winters night with a cup of hot chocolate.

Carol. M. said...

I love Bakers Delight Sweet Chili Mini Twist, warm with a bit of cream cheese spread on it or just by its self yummy.

Effie said...

I love all their products (sweet and savoury and breads), but my current favourite are the large 'twists', especially the spinach and fetta variety. So good to slice and serve as a side dish for dinner!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm the Mediterranean Pizzas are my favourite choice. Love em!!

Kate MC said...

Hi Jennifer - first time reader of your blog - nice!
Apart from adoring their amazing hot cross buns (one in the oven as we speak!) I am addicted to their Mince Tarts at Christmas. A serious indulgence but worth every kilojoule: buttery pastry, moist spicy fruit mix. Deliciousness in two bites. My insides do a dance of delight when I see them on the shelves for the first time in November. Just wish they could make them (and the hot cross buns) all year round....

Bernece said...

Every Sunday my family and I go to a swap meet and the only food shop open is Baker's Delight, so that is our staple Sunday morning breakfast,we try to have something different each week, but I almost always go back to the spinach and feta danish.Although the custard scrolls are a winner when I feel like something sweet.

Cheryl said...

Love your Blog!
I would have to say as a family of 7, we enjoy Baker's Delight Kalamata Olive and Pesto Panino.
They are so yummy and the olives and pesto in the bread really make a great match made in Heaven with our lovely pasta dishes we make. Just devine!!
Email is ...

Sarah said...

I'm a sucker for choc chip hot cross buns! I am always sad after Easter!

Deborah Fesaitu said...

I love bread and would happily feast on any of the Baker's Delight range. Watching my one year daughter eating her cheese and bacon roll yesterday made me smile. She loves picking off all the bacon and eating it first and then eats the rest of it. And she just totally loves feasting on the cheese and vegemite scrolls too!!!

Naked_Gamer said...

I adore there cheese twists but with the amount they cost these days, we hardly ever buy one anymore;(

Jennifer Barker said...

Thank you everyone! Comments now closed :)