Friday, November 21, 2008

Ten Little Finger Ten Little Toes

I LOVE kids books. Before Mummy's Favourite became a boutique gift store, I contemplated opening an online book store. I think I see myself as the Meg Ryan character in You've Got Mail. Reading stories to a class of children is one one of the aspects of primary school teaching that I miss. Yay for my 3 kids because I get to read to them! I read to my kids from newborn. Thomas' first book was a soft cover book called Snail. He is now teaching himself to read & I am loving it. The first book he read was Where is the Green Sheep by Mem Fox.

I went shopping for some bedlinen the Thursday night before Henry was born and browsed David Jones' book department. I came across the new Mem Fox Book, Ten Little Finger and Ten Little Toes. Whilst reading it I started to get very teary (embarrasingly emotional when pregnant!). It is the sweetest book about babies who are all born at the same time around the world. I didn't purchase it as the cover was already torn and regretted it worrying that the hardcover might have been hard to track down - but yay - The Children's Bookshop rang me today to say that they have got it in for me.

It would be hard re-creating a bookstore like the one in You've Got Mail online!

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