Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekend Musings

It is Friday night Sydney time and it is pouring outside!

We have a busy weekend ahead but I like it that way. It is a privilege to be busy with activities and with people that we love. At some stage though I will sit down with the weekend papers and read them in my 'order'. My dad has always been a SMH newspaper with breakfast and lunch person and the newspaper was and is always read in a certain order. Now, this is something I always thought was a little bit obsessive, but like so many other things, I am no different. The order has changed a little over the last couple of years, but there is still an order! I start with employment, not for any other reason anymore than to look at the education section as it keeps me up to date with the movements in the private schools in Sydney. Then it is the front and back pages of the news section, followed by spectrum. Then I read the Good Weekend. Now this has an order of its own as well! (writing this makes me realise how funny this may sound!) I read Megan Morton's article, followed by Maggie Alderson's, then the real estate 'you wish' page, then the two of us (some of these people are inspiring) The whole magazine is then read from the start to the end.

I love chatting with my mum & sister about Megan and Maggie's articles. It has been scary how many times I feel as though they are writing about my life. For example Maggie's recent article about jeans and how she started a week with no jeans wearing. Just that week I swore myself off jeans to see how long would last (my 'uniform' is jeans and a white shirt'). I almost repainted my whole house for the 4th time in 6 years after Megan made a derogatory comment about Magnolia paint colour the same week Kirk put the Magnolia paint brush down. There have been the articles about how to hang the washing on the line (where do you put the pegs on tshirts etc etc) that have me reflecting on quite random things. I love the articles. Random. Random is good. Like the cornwall blue picture used for this post.

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