Friday, December 12, 2008

Decorating Henry's room

Henry is currently in our bedroom, tucked in the corner in his little timber Boori rocker. I love hearing him breathe and recently hearing him chatter (well, I guess more like coo) before the cry for food!

Thomas informs me (and as told to his class in news time) that once his little brother is one he will be moving into his room (I hope he is as enthusiastic once the move becomes a reality!). Thomas has a double size bedroom and his little brother will be joining him at some stage. We ended up keeping the nursery as a study and decided that the boys can share. I am not sure how to deal with the lego all over the floor and a toddler but I guess we will jump that hurdle down the track.
I came across this bedspread today (I am having a love affair with Sheridan) and have put it away for when he is old enough for a bed, which hopefully doesn't come around too fast. It is a perfect match for the Little Chipipi Ships Ahoy wall stickers. We grew up spending holidays and weekends in the water and on the water so I am a lost cause for anything nautical. I still love the breeze between the ears getting rid of the cobwebs. Bring on some summer weather and a holiday on the coast!
*Love some ideas of how to control lego especially when it is a work in progress and all sorted into piles across the carpet ready for the next design but impossible to manuevre a vacuum cleaner around!!!

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