Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dear Blog ...

To my dear blog friends,

We are a little snowed under right now as we are having fun helping our customers find their gorgeous gifts this Christmas (2009!). We want to keep up our great customer service record and in order to do that we need to say farewell for a few weeks. It really is a matter of priorities and right now we need to spend the 10 minutes a day elsewhere. I hope this doesn't offend you.

I will leave you with some photos of some of the things we have been wrapping this week. Our rubbish bins at the end of the day look so Christmassy and happy. We are loving the red and white spot theme!! It is such a joy to find products on the shelf and pack them. It makes me smile when I do the final check of a box before we tape it up when we see what combination of delights someone has chosen to give their special family and friends.

Take care. We hope you enjoy the silly season, which by the way can be made so much easier and less stressful by having the postman arrive on the doorstep with a box of goodies.

With love,

Jen x

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