Thursday, July 28, 2011

365 days grateful, Mia Freedman and more

When I was working on Sunday nights in a cold warehouse packing boxes ready for Australia Post, I would tune in to Open House on Hope103.2. I loved the interviews and I loved the style of the show, it made the time go quickly and less focussed on not being at home on a Sunday night!

I hadn't tuned in for a while but did again recently. The interview was with Hailey Bartholomew, one half of the  authors of 365 grateful blog. Hearing how the blog started as a way for her to focus on the positives in her life resonated with me. I love how Hailey tries to focus on the here and now and not looking to tomorrow. 

Leigh Hatcher is the host of Open House (think channel seven and sky news reporter). This Sunday he is interviewing Mia Freedman on cyber bullying. I am really looking forward to hearing her thoughts on it, but will enjoy the here and now first ;)

Beautiful Winter days. One of the zillions of things I am grateful for :)

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