Saturday, July 23, 2011


One of the things that brought me great pleasure whilst running an online store was the very difficult task of trying out new products ;)

A box of T2 was often used in our giftboxes, both for personal gifts and corporate. I loved the orange box, but loved what was inside even more. During the week I visited the Bondi Junction store. I could smell the tea from miles away and I had no choice, I just *had* to follow my nose. 

The. Best. Tea.

You can buy from t2 direct here:


lauren carney said...

how delicious is t2 tea?
gah it's awesome.
i like the crazy raspberry black tea.
it's not super overpowering, just fragrant.

your blog is splendid too btw! x

Jennifer Barker said...

You are sweet :)

Loving New Zealand breakfast - mmmmm. I could spend hours in their store. Way too dangerous. I should probably stick to their online store!!

Thank you for letting me know you have dropped by xx