Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our graphics

I often get asked where the inspiration comes from for any graphic work that we undertake, logos, website etc. Like most people, it is from the world in which we live. I am a more keen than a green thumb gardener and simply love blossoms. The way that a tree can be stark naked during winter and then produce these amazingly beautiful flowers is truly quite incredible. I plant as many trees as my block will allow (or not!) and quite a few of these are blossoms. The latest one is a donut shaped peach tree. The fruit looks bizaare in the picture - I can't wait for its first crop!

The wren, which we have adapted to be red as blue didn't look quite as appealing, is my cheeky friend from our first home who followed me around the garden & always seemed to appear when I needed company. He would sometimes sit and watch me doing the dishes on the windowsill until his lady friends appeared & I would watch the way he would show off in front of them all!

So there you go. The story behind the Mummy's Favourite images & I am so pleased that our little red wren has appeared in this blog header and in some of our latest stationery lines! (and a big thanks to my AMAZING graphic designer!)

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