Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Forgotten Garden

I tend to read myself to sleep at night. I find that it is a good way to let go of the thoughts of the day. I have a few books next to my bed. I was juggling a few at a time until I came across The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. Only managing a few pages a night is frustrating me no end!

On sunny winter days I am so tempted to escape to the recliner in the garden to get a few more pages in. Maybe this weekend ...
I finished The Shifting Fog by the same author only last month and this one is proving just as engrossing. Set between eras - 1900s London & Cornwall to Brisbane in the 1990s the author moves between characters and eras smoothly. It is the story of a woman who as a child ended up in Australia with no one. It tells her story as well as her grand daughters as she re traces her grandmothers life.

My favourite quote so far (only 1/2 of the way through the book) is "Her past was like a Russian doll, question inside question inside question."
The other books next to my bed are: Rosehips and Crabapples by Susan Irvine - a Tasmanian garden owners diary, my bible and the latest Harry Potter book (can't get the primary teacher out of me). The last book I put down after the first chapter. I was scared to bits with descriptions of giant snakes hanging from the ceiling eating humans who weren't Voldermorts followers.
The only problem with reading a book quickly is that the story comes to an end. I will need to look out for another to take its place as I am determined to sit in the sun this weekend!

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