Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Forgotten Hands!

Lying in bed last night reading my book - The Forgotten Garden, I was rudely interrupted by my husband who interrupted me by saying "Jen - LOOK AT YOUR HANDS!" My immediate thoughts were that I hadn't washed off the blue paint I had been using with the kids, the playdough or that there was some kind of rash, but no, none of the above were obvious. But yes, they were dry & according to him looked old. They probably do. I have been with Kirk since I was 18 (engaged at 19 - pic taken day of engagement). I reminded him that I had teenage hands when we met, not a working mums hands! I perish to think about how many times my hands end up in water each day, add to this the gas heating, car air conditioning, peeling too many potatoes & cold hand syndrome hanging out the washing. And yes, I have been neglecting them of late.

So, I found a pair of cotton gloves that I had stashed in the cupboard ready for such a moment, lathered my hands inch thick in Be Genki hand cream, popped my gloves on (scary sight & felt very creepy!) and wo-la, woke up this morning with 32 year old hands. Not 18, but not 98 either!

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