Monday, January 12, 2009

Fairy Party

Happy New Year! 2009 suddenly seems to be well and truly underway. Milly turned 3 on Friday and life / work seems to be getting back to normal.

Millys birthday was spent at my sisters place on the Northern Beaches and on Saturday we had a family party here. Despite all guests being aged 12+ we celebrated Milly with a fairy party. It was such fun - there were pink and blue fairies everywhere! I bought the wings and wands from a $2 shop that was closing down. My mum is a gem - she made an AWW 'barbie' cake complete with wings made from a paper doily and fairy bread using an oversized butterfly cookie cutter and my lovely sister made fairy cakes.

For Walls removeable wall stickers came to my rescue for a wall banner and I dug out my dusty card making box for some floral paper to cut out for her name. I bought some sweet fairy fabric to make a table runner (rather a well-ironed table runner to disguise that I hadn't got the sewing machine out yet). The weather was perfect and the Alimrose floral bunting was a quick way to pretty up the deck overlooking the lawn and garden.

You can't be too old to enjoy bubble blowing or sparklers!

*Mother guilt - just saw the last post re teethbrushing - my five year old son ended up at the children's dentist at Castle Hill last week with 1.5 fillings needed. Tooth at back of mouth up top - juice is the only thing we can put it down to... and this mum not cleaning thoroughly enough....

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