Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My library

The books in my home have been rearranged - again! They have been categorised according to author, topic, height, colour and now colour AND height :) I love this picture that I found on flickr.

My family are a little obsessed with books. I blame my obsession with the condition and treatment of books on genetics. My husband doesn't share the same view. It has taken a long time to cope with dog eared pages and books left open faced down, it is a battle that I don't think is worth the effort! Someone once told me very wisely to chose your battles - one of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given (thank you Keith!)

In Kindy I was very excited by the school library. I came home and rearranged the books on my Ikea Billy bookcase into alphabetical order. There were little borrowing cards where books read (by me) had to be signed in and out for!! as well as a bookmark to be left where a book was borrowed so it could be returned to its rightful place!!!

A friend commented on how she couldn't cope with my bookcase as it wasn't in height order so I rearranged it to see if this was better - it wasn't. The tidiness of a bookcase for me isn't an issue of finding a book, but it is amazing what a difference it makes to the look of a room.

I have been surprised since organising them by colour how I do have a vivid memory for the jacket colour of a book or the spine. It didn't help me find Henry and Amy this morning whilst it was being read on Playschool!

My next issue is what to do with the books with sleeves. Do I remove them or keep them. Some are starting to look tatty which bothers me. Books look so much better 'naked'.

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