Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I can't claim the credit for finding this gorgeous Australian brand. I wish I could claim the name - the word oopsie does something cute to your voice as you say it. I was more than curious when I was recommended it via our Facebook fan page from one of our Melbourne customers (to find us btw on facebook click here)

The bags and bottle holders are not only made from the cutest fabric (love that it is unique to them & not going to be seen on everything and anything) but are perfect in sizing and style.

With plenty of weeks of Summer left, we Australian mums really need help in keeping milk and sandwiches from going off or soggy.

I LOVE that the Oopsie range makes a great gift for a new mum, kiddie or a 50 year old! I think my aunty in Pukekohe, NZ would probably love the scooter print :)

Oopsie's range is delightful! Click here to view

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Jen x

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