Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Gourmet Getaway designs ...

Fresh in the store are some new designs from Built & French Bull - Gourmet Getaway is the perfect name for these fabulous and handy bags.

Super soft and made from thick neoprene (the material of wetsuits), they are perfect for lunch for one or two people (maybe more if they are little people!)

They measure 30cm x 30cm and definitely have the wow factor when unwrapped! Large enough for a couple of rolls and fruit and waterproof so perfect for the beach, park or work. Treat yourself and use your imagination for some gourmet getaway type food or if you have a limited imagination when it comes to roll fillings, at least the bags will help you get away with it!

Click here to see the whole range, including a HOT PINK version ... mmm... which one ...

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