Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beatrix Potter

I was surrounded by great books as a child and thankfully that love for reading that I developed has never left me. Lost is an understatement when I finished The Forgotten Garden last week. I even re-read the first couple of chapters to remind myself of where the story started. It was a fabulous read! Although you could be mistaken for thinking it was boring given how few pages I managed to read each night before falling asleep!

I had to search high and low for this book on Beatrix Potter and lo behold, it was at The Childrens Bookstore in Beecroft, where I frequently visit with my kids. Miss Potter the movie really surprised me. On my TV cabinet there is a pile of 30 year old Beatrix Potter hardbacks that once were in our family lounge room when I was young. The pictures more than the story always captivated me, but I hadn't really given the author a second thought.

Now, reading the story of her life that goes into a lot more detail than the movie, I am moving the Lake District in the UK closer to the top of my seachange list!

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