Thursday, August 7, 2008

Look at the Aeroplane!

Too often I realise that I am singing along to The Wiggles, Colin Buchanan or Justine Clarke & there are no kids in the car! It is a bit like pointing out planes, 'herbies' and the like to people who are old enough not to care. A bit embarrassing really. An old colleague & friend told me once about the day that she pointed out an aeroplane to the Deputy Headmaster as they were driving to a conference. A mum with three kids, she was just a little embarrassed!

Two of my CDs that I am enjoying at the moment are Carly Simon "Into White" & Angus and Julia Stone's "A Book like This". Carly Simon is great for the car whilst trying to get a little girl to sleep after the park & The Stones are perfect for late night company whilst checking emails! I love singing songs with the kids that are sentimental favourites. You are my sunshine, Blackbird ... Angus & Julia Stone are from the Northern Beaches in Sydney. Yay!

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