Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nesting in Pregnancy

Some people say it is the tiredness, mood swings or cravings that signal to them that they are pregnant. For me it is the obsessiveness about the house that kicks in which makes me wonder ...

It is strange that something that one can be blissfully unaware of can suddenly become number one priority regardless of what else needs to be done. My pantry is one of the areas that with this pregnancy has become number one on the hitlist. That and the fridge. Neither were bad - but they are now spotless and VERY organised with labels everywhere. It was the timber floorboards that were frequently attacked at 2am with my first pregnancy and with number two it was the garden (not 2am but gardening with torch in hand was attempted!). I am a house proud person, not a Stepford wife by any means, but I like things to be in their place. Nesting attacks me like an obsessive compulsion.

I love being pregnant and with the weeks disappearing with the blink of an eye I am enjoying the oneness I feel with the baby and the determination to get some jobs done that have been hanging over my head for years. It is my patient husband that I feel sorry for!

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