Monday, August 17, 2009

Cool stationery for kids

Whilst I was uploading these products to the site, I allowed myself to daydream about how I would have used these notebooks as a youngster.

Remember the % game where you worked out the love % of you and the boy that you were infatuated with at the time. The results were taken ever so seriously! There was the poetry stage, the drawing stage, the design stage, font stage (handwriting), this list could be endless!

I love the idea of notepads for boys especially. There is something about preserving the ideas rather than on random bits of paper. Thomas loves to draw maps of the backyard. We bought the kids a dinghy off ebay on the weekend. They are going to love playing their current favourite - Indiana Jones in and around it. I am going to dream of the days that we played Swallows and Amazons in ours. I would have drawn maps then in my notepad too.