Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hurray for B.Box & Babyushka

Whilst we are congratulating people, Well done to Dannielle and Monique at and Emily from Babyushka.

We know how exciting it is to be featured in a magazine and both the and the Babyushka wraps have been featured in the current issue of Shop For Kids. Thoroughly deserved feature. They are fabulous products. (note too that the Skip Hop nursery toolbox was mentioned as a Wonder Buy! (The Scenario) You're off on a short trip to the shops. You'd rather not bring the nappy bag but fishing out what you need is too much trouble
(The Solution) The B.Box holds a pack of wipes, two nappies, a change mat, and a tube of nappy cream - perfect to pop in your handbag and run

Babyushka takes the baby wrap to a whole new level, with stretch colours we'd wear (hello, grey marle). Step by step instructions on the pack make it the perfect first-baby gift.

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