Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gertie and Me Cow - Reviewed by Carolyn

“Moo” by Gertie & Me

As soon as ‘Moo’ arrived in the mail, the entire family fell in love with him! This gorgeous ‘Gertie & Me’ product is everything a mother looks for in a children’s toy; machine-washable, small enough to carry easily and of course incredibly cute! It is clear that ‘Moo’ has been created with extra care, with child-friendly features such as flexibility, durability and completely devoid of dangerous small parts. He is also especially loved in our home as I was raised on a cattle farm and looking for toy cows has recently become a profession! ‘Moo’ is soft, snuggly and an obviously high-quality product that any child would adore. As a mother with very particular taste, it is so exciting to find a product that finally lives up to my expectations in terms of quality, practicality and cuddlibility!

My little boy Jesse has made such a special new friend in ‘Moo’ and we’re sure they’ll be inseparable for quite some time! He may even end up becoming a family treasure who is passed from generation to generation…

Love Carolyn xx

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