Sunday, August 2, 2009

Q & A with Jen from Mummy's Favourite

I have been emailed by a customer and a reader of this blog that it is time for me to answer the same Q & A questions that I ask of our suppliers. So here it is with a new pic. I can't stand having photos taken!! We are our worst critics aren't we. I have had a terrible time with my hair since having Henry - lost lots of it around the hairline. It is now about 4cm long and driving me crazy. But - the loss of hair, stretch marks (my tattoos I refer to them as) etc etc are worth it to have 3 beautiful little ones in my house who call me mummy!! I am also getting used to having dark hair - I am a natural sun bleached hair girl.

How long have you been running your business? Since July 2006. We went online November 2006 although it took until late 2007 until I really worked out what direction I wanted to take the business. It has been a steep learning curve! I don't think I ever expected it to be a full time job but nor did I expect to enjoy it as much as I have.

If you had to choose your favourite product from your range, what would it be & why? This is far too hard!! I love all of our products and have a sentimental attachment to each. I am really proud to be selling some of Australia's best giftware. Gifts that really delight! I am thrilled each and every time a business relationship is formed with new suppliers. When we meet like minded people. One joyous moment was when our relationship with MOR Cosmetics was approved. We had to fill out quite a complex form for approval to sell their range which I love. This was before Mummy's Favourite was even online. It was a warm fuzzy moment knowing that someone shared my belief in Mummy's Favourite.

If you were able to go wherever you wanted to this weekend, where would it be? A toss up between a neighbouring suburb to see my paternal Grandparents and Pukekohe in NZ to visit my maternal Grandma. Life gets so busy it would be great to have time to sit and have time to really listen to them and their advice. If I could have a sliding doors weekend, it would be to escape somewhere warm with my husband and kids where I could swim in the waves and play with the kids in the sand.

What was the last thing that you purchased? A packet of scotch finger biscuits in a service station on the way to church this morning. Our cupboard was bare and I knew Henry would get the munchies.

Who lives at your place? My husband, Thomas (6), Milly (really Emily but Thomas called her enemy when she was born so we changed it quick smart! - she is 3.5) and Henry (9 months) No pets - yet!


Little Home said...

Beautiful Jen! The pic looks gorgeous too. said...

What a lovely read! Thanks Jen.
I had to laugh about you son referring to your daughter as "enemy" let's hope it was an accident! lol
Getting ready for church is quite a challenge,is it not!! I get up VERY early and drink much coffee on Sundays.
Thanks for sharing!

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

love your blog & your online store - great to read the Q&A's!!