Sunday, February 8, 2009

First borns ...

I find this book fascinating. I have never read it cover to cover, but I am often 'dipping in' for a bit of a browse.

It is a great read for anyone - def not just for parents, but it does shine some interesting light on why some people behave the way they do. Michael Grose looks at relationships that people have and how birth order affects this as well. In marriages, between friends, siblings, parent / child ...

Quote from the jacket:
"Did you know that first borns are more achievement orientated and responsible than those born after them? That middle children are most likely to buck the family trend? That later borns are more gregarious and easygoing than their older siblings? Or that those born last are often babied, affectionate and uncomplicated?"

Kirk and I are both first borns (I have 3 siblings, he has 1). It explains quite a bit :)

Great conversation starter!

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