Saturday, February 28, 2009

A touch of Nigella ...

I stumbled across a fabulous blog called A Dash of Cinnamon - it is full of gorgeous cakes. They are amazing. I wish I could ice cakes properly. I can cook but not decorate. My mum rescues my cake decorating efforts.

One of my earliest memories is visiting my grandma at her work when she worked at Foodtown in New Zealand (like Woolworths). Her job was to ice the cakes. It is an art!

A Dash of Cinnamon also has dinner ideas, brunch ideas and a recipe for a VERY yummy looking flourless hazelnut cake... I can feel the kgs piling on since finding this site...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

I am so touched that you think my blog is well, blog worthy! :)

Thanks for stopping by, i am just sifting through your blog at the moment and it's wonderful!