Sunday, February 8, 2009

My favourite things for Henry :)

Henry is delightful. One very easily pleased baby and we are constantly rewarded with smiles, giggles and chatter. He loves his big brother and sister and can engage in conversations for ages.

I discovered Lil Fraser wraps for him - thank goodness! I have had lots of customers recommend them to me for him. He is another big baby (8kg at 16 weeks). All three of my kids loved to be wrapped before nah nies time. It seems to be their cue - would often smile as they were being wrapped. Lil Fraser wraps are my top find this time around. Big enough for Henry, soft and attractive. He can still be wrapped well despite his size. Another future wallaby front rower!

I have been pleased though with my other wrap selections for Mummy's Favourite, each have served a purpose. Baby Origami (fabulous for keeping him wrapped snugly as a newborn), Lalito (perfect for hot summer days), Babyushka (great weight- perfect for keeping chill off him when out and about on Summer evenings), Oobi (perfect for hot days as well as a throw over the pram when the sun is out) and Fishlilly (gorgeous prints!)

Henry's favourite toys are:
1. Sophie the Giraffe
2. Nicki Baby grabbing toy
3. Alimrose Monkey squeaker
4. Bruno Bear

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