Thursday, July 16, 2009

[at home] sounds of childhood

Life can be strange can't it. I worked in a nursing home whilst at uni. I remember being told each and every shift by someone aged 90 + that they don't feel their age. That they may look 97, they may depend on help from others but their minds were still 18, 27 .... I loved my time there. It was such a privilege caring for the men and women who called the aged care facility home. I now understand what they were saying. I am 33. I love being 33. I love that I have had 33 birthdays and hopefully will have another 67! But where have they gone!!

Scents can take you to another place - the scent of my sons antibiotics for a middle ear infection tonight made me remember having it on a spoon. Thomas dancing to Thriller today made my leg count in the beats before my year five dance version took over!

The sound of lego being poured out of its box (or cube as we called it when younger) takes me home playing with my brothers and sister on the floor of our holiday home on the Central Coast. I loved designing the homes, not so much into the trains etc. I loved those plastic flowers!

If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that I love kids shoes. Lego have released a range of their own shoes. I am not sure if they are what I imagined lego shoes to look like but they are cool all the same :)

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