Wednesday, July 1, 2009

[new product] Tummy Tie

It has been a busy few weeks here & this blog has been a little neglected. For good reason though - instead we have been uploading lots of new products and there are still more to go. On top of that, I have been playing with some of the various 'looks' on the site. I hope you like them :)

When Camilla, the creator of Tummy Tie contacted us I placed an order straight away. These are a pregnancy must have. It is one of those products that should be the first thing you buy, for that day that you wake up and discover that the favourite jeans no longer fit! This is an issue that I faced back in 2002 when I got dressed ready to join my friends at a holiday home at North Avoca Beach. My waistline had rapidly expanded overnight and not one pair of jeans fit. I improvised with an elastic but I spent that whole day worried that it would snap or be exposed!!

It also won't break the bank at only $16.95. Find them here

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