Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'll have 3 of those....

My husband is a wonderful person. I love him to bits. Infact, he is the one who comes up with some of our best ideas.

He looks at our orders each day and noticed one come through this week that surprised him. The customer had bought three of each Alimrose product. I understood why. He presumed they were gifts. I knew that the customer is a fan of Alimrose and knows that their products are limited editions. Once the fabric runs out there is no more of that doll, bunny, rattle etc. I should know, I have missed out on a few of my favourite designs!

I also knew that this mummy was buying them for her daughter knowing that once attached to a favourite friend, if that friend ever gets lost or accidently destroyed, then it can be handy for her twin to be hanging around in the cupboard waiting for her chance to be cuddled. Sounds like something out of Toy Story doesn't it!!

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