Friday, July 3, 2009

Q & A with Dione from Fish lilly

Hanging the washing out the other day I stood back and smiled at the site of all of Henry's clothes, wraps and towels on the line. It looked fabulous and I enjoyed the light coloured, soft fabrics flapping about in the breeze. One day it will be full of rugby jerseys that have spent hours soaking in buckets before being washed!

One of the wraps was a Fish lilly giraffe print. It matches Sophie! Henry is 8.5months now, is still wrapped when I settle him for a sleep and despite being a big big healthy boy, the Fish lilly wrap covers him and holds him snug!

Today we meet Dione, the super sweet and chic designer from Melbourne, Australia.

How long have you been running your business?Since nov 2005

What were you doing prior to your current venture?Juggling between an interior designer and mum to two girls

If you had to choose your favourite product from your range, what would it be & why?Always loved the cowboy hats and boots design – a bit quirky and i am originally from the country!!

What do you do to relax? I love to the waves at the beach....cuddles with my girls....and paint a picture

If you were able to go wherever you wanted to this weekend, where would it be?A beautiful beach resort....anywhere really!!

What was the last thing that you purchased?For my girls i bought some beautiful clothes from my friend Fiona at Monstar clothing; for me....I have to think about this!! My last big purchase was probably a nancy bird handbag a few months ago...which i just love!!

Who lives at your place?My beautiful husband Craig, my gorgeous girls, Madeline who is eight years old Bronte who is five.

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