Tuesday, July 7, 2009

[instore] b.box

At the beginning of the year we were contacted by the designers of bbox. Here is a snippet of their letter:

"On behalf of b.box for kids, I’m excited to introduce you to our innovative new product - b.box® - the essential baby box. b.box® is the go everywhere change system that fits into your lifestyle and your handbag! Unlike other nappy wallets on the market, it’s the first all-in-one system made from durable polypropylene plastic, so it holds its compact shape, even when fully packed. It’s practical and stylish and is a must have item in every nappy bag, handbag, stroller and car. It also makes the ideal baby gift."

We were convinced and now having b.box on our shelves, we know that they are true to their word! What we are also loving? That they are another Australian mum design. Woo hoo :)

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