Thursday, May 21, 2009

[new product] pride and prejudice coffee mugs!

Jane Austen could never have imagined the cover of her cult following novel would be used as a wrap on a coffee cup! But then, she probably would be in disbelief that it is still being read ... and has had more versions of on the big and small screen than any other book that I know. I wonder what emotion she would feel knowing that someone bought one today from from WA, Australia to send to thank someone for being a special friend? I know that it made me smile!

We are stoked to have these mugs from the UK. We have been waiting for them for a while.
The orange cover versions of Pride and Prejudice were a massive hit last year. It is exciting waiting for new products - knowing that our customers will love them and anticipating that they will make recipients smile :)

... we also have a cute lined A6 notebook to match!!! Perfect for jottings, secrets, letters, reflections ...

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