Tuesday, May 26, 2009

[Tuesday] Giveaway

Thank you to Melissa the designer of Melobaby who has sent us a spare change mat to giveaway! It is the mat that comes inside the wallet. You will love the softness & your baby will be grateful! I would rather like a pillow made from the same material.

Simply comment on this post and you will go into the draw 9pm next Monday night. Tell your friends with bubs -

Thank you for reading this blog :)


Melissa said...

Lovely Giveaway. Those changemats look really good!

Melanie Leano said...

a changemat that has the luxury softness of a pillow - now that's what i call deluxe!!! :-)

Carli said...

Cool giveaway! I'd love to give one to my sister Toni - she's expecting any day now and I'm sure she's love a changemat that can be folded up so small.

Jennifer, I love that ride-one luggage@!!@!! My kids would go crazy with those - just a few questions - can they be carried on or are they checked uner the plane?? AND at what age would they be too big to sit on them? (and one more) how much could you actually fit inside??