Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our first giveaway!

Last Friday I was delighted to find my very own Little Home cushion waiting for me at the Post Office. It was the perfect companion on Saturday afternoon when I found 5 minutes of me time under the camellia tree with a cup of tea. I was determined to have a little time out this past weekend and when I saw a sign outside a local church saying "Make time to rest" I was sure it was a sign :) The cushion is now on Milly's bed -

We have one of these gorgeous cushions to give away (not mine!) in the Pressed Flower design (Amy Butler fabric). To enter, simply comment on this entry with the names of the three departments that the cushion can be found at One lucky reader will be chosen at random on Friday evening at 9pm. Good luck! Thank you Renata from Little Home :)
BTW - I also had the Good Weekend (SMH) magazine with me on Saturday afternoon. Has anyone else noticed that Megan Morton has disappeared this year? I am missing her column!


mummybec said...

Home Decor
Gifts Under $100

mcryderman said...

Love the giveaway, it is so beautiful, I want one!!

The answer is home decor, u.o.u and gifts under $100.

Love the blog,
Mel x

Yvonne said...

Gifts under $100
Home Decor

The cushion is gorgeous, thanks for the competition!!!!

Vanesa said...

HI, lovely cushion, I would love one too
They can be found at:

Gifts under $100
Home Decor

Danieka said...


The cushion can be found in these departments:

Home Decor
Gifts Under $100

Joy said...

Great giveaway! So pretty!

Home Decor
Gifts Under $100

Melissa said...

Beautiful Pillows, They are found in home decor, U.O.U, and Gifts under $100

 Viv said...

Oh I just adore the cushion. Lovely giveaway!

The answer is: U.O.U, Home Decor, Gifts Under $100

Thank you! :)


danielle said...

Hi Jen, How exciting! A giveaway, and especially your stuff - its all too good to give away! Anyway, The three categories that its listed under is U.O.U (the first place I looked), Gifts under $100 and Home Decor. Good Luck me. Kind Regards Danielle McDonald. (PS, I'm giving away the Willow and Finch stuff that I got from you on Sunday for Mothers Day - I'm sure it will be a hit!)