Monday, May 4, 2009

Why Beyond Blue?

I hadn't planned on watching any tv tonight, but Henry was awake and he was happy lying in my arms until he fell asleep. I am glad the the tv was on because it meant that I came across a re-run of ABC's Australian Story on Charmaine Dragun. It reminded me of why we are so passionate about Beyond Blue. All money raised from our gift wrapping is donated to the cause.

We know many, many people who struggle each day with depression for all sorts of reasons. We also know many people who have battled depression and have come out the other side. Depression is something that I knew very little about until the last few years. It seems so very prevalent and yet so misunderstood in society. It is not something that I have personally experienced, but it has some of those whom I love.

Beyond Blue has a very helpful checklist that identifies some of the signs of depression. Please help those that you know who you think may suffer from it. They really do need our love and support.

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