Sunday, March 15, 2009

A lovely weekend ...

We had a great weekend with family and friends. It began on Friday afternoon, celebrating our special friend Cass' 30th! Family popped over that night on route to Mudgee to collect a wedding present and the weekend continued to have lovely highlights as well as some quiet family time.

I took some time out with the camera capturing some glimpses of our garden that seems to be starting to recover from the heat of summer. The Saturday night downpour definitely helped!

I love lying under this tree with Kirk and the kids. We call it The Magic Faraway Tree!

Hungry ants on a high from the nectar in the flowers on our grafted gum tree

Tamarillos that are almost ready to eat!

Geraniums that Milly picked from the garden

Star Wars Magnolia (of course!)


Gorgeous Crepe Myrtle


The sun catches the clivias under the oak

The kids cubby house is nestled amongst the branches of the jacaranda

Doesn't belong here - but couldn't resist including these cute little feet!

One lone lavender flower...

Love this! I have a sparkly pink car :) It looked like pink popcorn!

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