Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More great shows from the UK

Animation is amazing. It is quite beyond me! My dad has bought some type of blue material that becomes a screen, enabling one to be able to do more sophisticated animation (somehow the computer distinguishes between the blue and the person being filmed). Do I sound out of my depth - I am. Anyway, it means that you can superimpose someone onto a different scene, such as they do in Grandpa in my pocket. Can't wait to see what he and Thomas come up with over the weekend. Thomas' news will be quite interesting on Monday at school!

The UK have other great shows soon to be seen here including Bookaboo which is receiving a lot of publicity as it has guest hosts such as Meatloaf and Scary Spice reading books, with the book coming to life thanks to computer animation. It is part of an initiative in the UK to improve literacy. Bookaboo is a world famous rock puppy who plays the drums. The problem is that he needs to hear a story before he can play! He even arrives in a helicopter. This show will be a hit! LOVE it! (Can you tell I am a primary school teacher?!!)

Thomas wants to be a director when he grows up (like George Lucas). With a little help from his grandpa, it will be very interesting to see where he ends up working!

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