Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No ordinary cupcakes ...

I have discovered over the last few years that I wasn't the only child who spent hours pouring over the AWW Birthday Cake recipe book. Mum kept her copy in a little bookshelf near the kitchen table and it was my favourite book to read over breakfast (only grown ups read whilst having breakfast?!)

It is Thomas' 6th birthday on the 8th of April (10 days after mine - he was due on my birthday) & he is LOVING going through my AWW cake book. He must have changed his mind at least 10 times - but that is all part of the fun, isn't it!

I daren't show him these cakes that I found created by Hello Naomi via Nathalie's blog from Imprintables!

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Kasia Jacquot said...

I adore these cupcakes, but i wouldn't dare show them to my son either who ALSO has a birthday on the 8th april!! he turns 4 :)