Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Q & A with Carly from Milkwrap

Meet Carly - she is a mum of 2 and the designer of Milkwrap -

1. How long have you been running your business? 2 years

2. What were you doing prior to your current venture? Stockbroking

3. If you had to choose your favourite product from your range, what would it be & why? Thats easy, only have one product at the moment (more coming soon i hope) :) "The Milkwrap"- it's my favourite because it's my essential breastfeeding accessory, wherever my baby and breast go so does my Milkwrap!

4. What do you do to relax? Walk along the beach, swim or read.

5. If you were able to go wherever you wanted to this weekend, where would it be? North West Island

6. What was the last thing that you purchased? Fruit and Vege

7. Who lives at your place? Glenn, my Husband, Isabella and Ruby my Daughters and our pet Daisy Boo the rabbit!

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