Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Carolyn reviews the B.Box

5 things I love about the b-box …

1. It fits into my favourite handbag! I rarely go anywhere without my gorgeous apple-green Kate Spade handbag that I fell in love with & purchased in Soho NYC. Well, now my B-Box is it’s perfect companion. It’s a miracle that I’ve found room for another new addition to my handbag, but the B-Box is compact & cleverly-designed. Our nappy bag’s zipper broke recently and of course I was heartbroken! Weeks of running around town with loose nappies & broken wipes containers stuffed into my handbag…not fun. Now all Jesse & I need is my favourite handbag & his funky B-Box inside! Saved!

2. Quality Quality Quality…The B-Box is a very ‘tough’ container that will last for years to come. With thoughtful mechanisms for opening & closing different parts of the B-Box, it is sure to win the war against time! The design is successful in keeping the contents securely in-place & the easy-wipe change-mat is the perfect size for it’s purpose.

3. No Excuses for Daddy! With the B-Box within reach at all times, whether at home or out adventuring, there is no way Dads can find an excuse to get out of nappy-changing! No more “I can’t find a nappy anywhere!”, or “Where are the wipes?”. This little nappy-changing kit saves the day.

4. Gorgeous Designs & Colours! When I chose a B-Box for a friend’s baby shower gift, I wasn’t sure which design to decide upon! The adorable ‘Cherry Delight’? The very stylish ‘Falling Leaves’?? It was the oh-so groovy ‘Retro Circles’ that caught my eye for a bubs whose sex is unknown; perfect unisex pattern & colours! Jesse & I love the blue & red cars on our ‘Beep Beep’ B-Box change-mat…so fun!

5. The gift that just keeps giving…Jesse & I love to go for walks to the beach, sometimes up to the park or through the country-side & an essential task before taking these walks is always remembering the ‘pram-check’! Leaving the house without an adequate number of nappies and wipes can be a dangerous activity! Now, this Mummy simply needs to check that our B-Box is in the pram & off we go!

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