Thursday, September 24, 2009

Moses Baskets

Last Summer our thermometer reached 48 degrees outside the car when I was collecting Thomas from school. Like everyone elses, our home was like a hot house. The air conditioner seemed to go into meltdown. I bought one of these so I could let Henry sleep in whichever room was the coolest as it was tricky maneuvering his cradle around and I didn't want it bumping into other pieces of furniture or doorways! It proved invaluable on holidays and general visits. I don't feel comfortable taking a pram inside other peoples homes, especially onto carpet, so this was perfect.

Initially I didn't buy the stand, but I did at a later date. It was good keeping him off the floor when we were away and there were a few Summer loving creepy crawlies around ...

It is now used as a toy basket under Henry's cot. I am sure it will be in our family for a long time!

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