Thursday, September 17, 2009

More gorgeous Sambellina photos!

My eldest, Thomas is not into cars. I find it quite curious - his dad works in the automotive industry and drives the sort of car that makes other boys (big and little) stop and gawk in awe. Thomas is not fussed. Not into cars, trucks & the like (except for a brief flirtation with vw 'herbie'). He is more into adventure - Indiana Jones style, lego construction etc.

I am making a point of pointing out trucks with Henry, I take him to see the garbage truck first thing in the morning. Play with cars, make brrrmmm sounds. It will be interesting to see if by his second birthday we choose the Sambellina invitations shown above! For a truck design - they are cute! Click here to see the range ...

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WOW - Jen - thank you so much for putting these up and your gorgeous comments on my blog !!! So lovely..xx