Tuesday, September 22, 2009

King of the Jungle

On Sunday mornings for about 40 minutes, Henry and I play in a little room about 3m x 6m with 6 + other babies & their mums or dads. It is a room at our church dedicated for parents and bubs during the service with audio streamed in. It is great. We are welcome to be in the main room, but it is so much more relaxing in the baby room. Henry is almost old enough to be in the creche, but I am LOVING having some 1:1 time with him so am in no rush to hand him over. Henry crawls around making boofy boy sounds like a lion, knowing he is the biggest of the pride. It is adorable.

Watching the other babies on their backs kicking their little legs and reaching out for objects makes me wonder where time has gone! It wasn't long ago that Henry was lying on a mat like
this entertaining himself whilst I was on the computer next to him.

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