Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For every mood ...

These mugs might look simple, but they are anything but. Perfect size for a decent cup of tea or coffee and a colour to suit every mood and every occasion. My preference is the pink but I have surprised myself at times with the colour I will choose for someone else or what I have even chosen for my drink.

Last month I gave a set to my sister for a combined housewarming / birthday present. She is young, flatting with friends and lives overlooking a popular Sydney beach. The mugs so suit her and her lifestyle. Friends all know which mug is theirs and they look awesome in her cupboard! When I gave them to her, it was infront of lots of my family. It was FASCINATING which colours people chose as their favourite. I would never have guessed my grandparents selection. I love it when people you think you know surprise you.

At the moment I am feeling a little orange, or maybe purple. Then again, maybe green - make that 3395C green!! :)

Click here to find them online.

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